Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break Day--Oh What Does It Matter?

Um. Sorry. I left you hanging last week with the whole "gee I hope none of the animals escape from their cages while we're at the zoo" thing. Obviously, if any escaped, they were the non-human eating kind. Our trip to the zoo was dramatically undramatic. In fact, I have only one picture from the day.

Here it is.

It is the kids, plus Maggie's beau, finishing their lunches in the van. I figured that it would be far cheaper to feed the eating machines that are my sons--not to mention healthier for all of us--if I packed us a picnic. And, since it happened to be Community Day at the zoo (Nope. Didn't know it was community day 'til we got there. Yep. My prowess at researching our trips is unmatched.) (Not really.) and everybody plus their children, grandchildren, grandparents, grandparents' friends, long lost aunties, and their dogs (Not really.) were there, we decided eating in the van would be the best choice.

Maggie's boyfriend came with us because he thought it would be fun: a) because he hadn't been to the zoo in quite a while, and b) he thinks our family is fun to hang with. Apparently the kid thinks that trying to view animals through heads and unwashed armpits and listening to various members of my family complain of the heat (it was 84 degrees. In April.) and of their bumps and bruises from the previous day's traumatic bike accident is fun because he said he had a good time. He must really be trying to get on my good side.

It's going to be some time before I head back to the zoo, is what I'm saying.

So that was Day 2.

On Day 3, I took the two youngest children to the doctor where Mary was diagnosed with Strep and Sean's complaints about his heel pain for the last month was diagnosed as Sever's Disease. No worries. It's nothing serious. Nothing that a little stretching, rest, and ice won't help. But boy, oh boy! Putting a name to it? Made my boy seriously happy. He particularly enjoyed saying things like "See? I told you there was something wrong!" and "Wow, mom. Way to go. Thanks for getting me in after a month! Now I have a disease!"

Have you ever wanted to dip your child in ketchup and eat him? No? Um...me neither.

Day 4 involved things like laundry (me), changing the oil in the lawn mower (beloved), packing for 5 (me), packing for one (beloved), nearly forgetting to take the dog to the kennel (me), and going out to eat (all of us) because the children insisted that it was vacation, after all. Who am I to argue with such amazing logic?

Day 5-7 was spent traveling to Illinois, smooching various adorable nieces and nephews, eating heaps of delicious food, hunting eggs, hitting a pinata, sipping wine, visiting friends, going to church, and driving back to Indy.

My first day with the kids back in school? I went grocery shopping among other things. *cough*laundry*cough* I had to hit the market, because after a week of all of us at home for almost every meal, the pantry looked as if the locusts had descended.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the laundry. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, right. The laundry is never finished. And, if I can peel myself away from "Mad Men" on Netflix, I might even clean off the counter tops to see if I remember what color they actually are.

In short, it was a good week. While our trips to attractions around town were a bust, it was fun to have everybody home for a bit.

And this week will be even better because they'll all be gone.

I'm joking!

Sort of.

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