Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Stuff--But With Pictures!

I won't be all wordy today. I'll just show you the stuff that's been happening around here.

Hipsters in training.

"Put a bird on it!" (Don't you watch Portlandia?)

She blinded me with science! 

She has "dress like a scientist day" at school on Friday and she needed to practice acting like a scientist. This involved saying things like "hmmm...we should check it out under the microscope" and pushing up her glasses.

I like dead ducks and I cannot lie...

Got that stuck in your head now, don't you? Sir Mixalot's got nothing on me!

Dr.Tilly gave her new duck a squeakerectomy. Now she plays with it and keeps nosing its abdomen in a puzzled manner, as if she's wondering where the squeak went. I'd say given this dog's probable IQ, she's already forgotten that she de-squeaked the duck.

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