Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love Only Takes You So Far

Mary's first grade classroom has a writing center where the children are encouraged to do all kinds of writing: books, lists, letters, notes, poems, stories, and the like. As you can imagine, Mary Rose really likes this center and since the start of the school year, she has brought home all kinds of written material. Every once in a while, she'll bring home a jewel that I know will go into her "Special Box" to keep. Sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are funny. This one was both.

Just in case you had a hard time reading the print I'll set it out for you here, inventive spelling and all:

"I Love you Mom   you and dad are the best parents ever  thanks for bieng so nice   I will help do loundry or the dishes   but if i do the loundry you'r folding dadies tidy whites"

Yep. The kids loves us. But not enough to fold her dad's tighty whitey underwear.

Hey. You've gotta draw the line somewhere.

* If you are visiting from Facebook, then you will know that I also posted this photo as what I'm grateful for today in my 365 Grateful album. Really, I loved it so much that there was just no way to not share it here too.

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