Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Got Nothin' So You Get This

Hey! Guess what?! I have absolutely nothing to write about! Are you as excited as I am about that! Let's pretend that you are so that I can keep using exciting punctuation!!


So. It was a rather busy week last week, what with my mom visiting and all. Actually, I think it might have been busier for her, as she took on all laundry duties while she was here. Seriously. I only went into the laundry room to tell her what clean clothes belonged to whom. I think my washer and dryer went into shock at their constant use. My mom did several loads of laundry every day. Our drawers were always full and our laundry baskets were always empty. My kids were all...huh? They are not used to that sort of efficiency. My laundry usually gets done in frantic spurts--you know--"I'm out of underwear!!" or "I need those football pants tonight!" or "I'm headed out on a business trip tomorrow and I need those pants!" type of frantic bursts of laundry doing. Around here, laundry gets done around the other stuff in bits and pieces as I have time and until I get sick of the piles of clean folded clothes sitting on my bedroom floor and I demand that the children come get it NOW before the dog undoes all my folding again by going on a zoomy run and hurdling over them. When my mom is here, she goes into full on Mistress Laundress mode and the laundry gets whipped into shape and it likes it! (Did I really just compare my mother to a Mistress? Perhaps it is time to talk of something else...)

Let's see... Oh! I know!! You will not believe this! (And no, it doesn't have anything to do with the rather stylish 3/4 length wool coat I got at GW. For six dollars. Wow. That looks so awesome I have to type it again: six dollars! And now: $6! And also: $6.00!) Are you sitting down? I think you might need to, because this is kind of big. (No. Despite Mary's wishes for a younger sibling, I am NOT pregnant. Bite your tongue for even thinking that. Or something.) Okay, so you know how much I love Diet Coke? (If you have read here for any length of time, you know that my love for the dc runs hard and deep.) Well, I broke up with Diet Coke.

That's right. Diet Coke and I are over. And it's not because I'm cheating on it with Diet Pepsi. (Sheesh, people! I would never sink that low!) I have quit drinking it altogether. Yep. I am clean and Diet Coke free for 6 days now. I did it for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that I know it wasn't healthy and I'm just trying to make some better choices.

That doesn't mean that I don't want one--or four--every day. Especially in the morning. Especially when my beloved runs to McDonald's for his tea and comes back holding one cup instead of two. Especially when I have pizza. Or a migraine. Or oh...just anytime. But I'm doing it. I've been drinking lots of water.

I'd like to say that I've noticed changes already, but I haven't. My skin isn't glowing from all the increased hydration. Instead, I just have to pee more. My energy level hasn't increased. Cravings for sweet things haven't stopped. But I'm continuing because I just have to believe that it's better for me over the long haul. Wait! I know! I probably have a very shiny spleen right now! (I realize that the probability that the dc has anything to do at all with my spleen is very low. I also realize that the probability that my spleen is shiny is even lower. But right now, a shiny spleen is keeping me happy, so I'm going with it. Don't kill my dream.)

Okay...so...let's see...lots of laundry....superdedooper fabulous coat at Goodwill...Diet Coke...what else can I tell you that you could give two figs about?

Um...I got two pairs of fabulous shoes at GW as well. (Don't squick out. One pair looks like they were never worn and the other looks like they were only worn a couple of times. I sprayed them and they are great. Really, it took everything I had to get over myself and buy them. I'm just not usually a buy-somebody-elses-already-worn-shoes kinda girl, but these were really all kinds of awesome.) And my mother found some bargains there as well. I also introduced her to the wonder that is Garden Ridge and I took her shopping at a couple of furniture consignment stores. We also had a fantastic patio lunch at a local place for her birthday. Plus, she helped me with dinners and cleanup. AND she packed lunches and got Sean off to school the morning after Mary was up barfing all night and I got two hours of sleep and a very monster migraine to thank for my job of cleaning up vomit.

I really hate to end this post with vomit-speak. That isn't good at all. So let me leave you with this conversation:
Maggie: I hate this asthma. I feel like I'm better when I'm away from home and then I come home and it gets worse.
Me: Well, it might. I have a feeling that Tilly may contribute to that--her fur and stuff, you know.
Maggie: Well, geez! Don't you love me? Get rid of the dumb dog!
Me: We can't just get rid of Tilly. There are some other things that we can do that will help you.
Mary: Get rid of Tilly!!!! We CAN'T get rid of Tilly! I love her! Let's just get rid of Maggie instead.
Maggie: Gee, thanks, guys. I feel so loved.

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