Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do? Whatcha Gonna Do When She Comes For You?!

It was career day in Mary's classroom yesterday. Mary surprised us by saying she wanted to be a police officer when she grows up. I've heard her say she wants to be lots of things--singer, teacher, architect, vet, dancer--but police officer was never on the radar. And she didn't want to be just any old police officer, either. She wanted to be a K-9 officer.

So, we got her costume all ready, complete with a working flashlight and handcuffs. She was quite proud. And disarmingly cute if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately her stuffed animal collection is a bit on the jungle-y side and leans more toward elephants and giraffes and penguins and such. She only has one other stuffed dog besides her beloved Wilson. She pondered which dog to make her police dog. I steered her away from using Wilson, fearing dire consequences should something happen to him at school. So she used her other dog.

And so my daughter went to school as a K-9 cop.

Complete with pink Chihuahua police dog. I'm sure that criminals everywhere are terrified.

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