Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Number 71--that's my boy!

Herd of zebras. Does 3 count as a herd?

Double teamed. That's right, Purple, BRING IT!

Trying for a sack.

Boy needs to get low on those blocks. Guess what they've been doing at practice this week?

Action shot. In my head I hear super cool slow motion music when I look at this picture.

Not Tilly. This dog stood still for more than .8 seconds. And didn't wag its entire body upon being noticed. And didn't have its tongue lolling out of its mouth . And its owners weren't asked to leave as we surely would have been if we'd brought the dumb dog to the game.

Gonna get that ball!

Diving tackle!

"Good game. Good game. Good game."

And it really was! Our Royals won and my baby boy is headed to the CYO All City Championships on Saturday. Good luck, boys!

P.S. Get low and hit somebody Ganey!! ;)

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