Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The students were recapping their Bible story for a new student.

Student: There were these 12 spies and they went to spy on the Promised Land.

Teacher: And what was the name of the Promised Land?

Student: Oh! I know! The land of Canine!!

Suddenly I was imagining the spies coming back to report not giants and grapes but very large dogs and large clusters of doggy bones. Made my day.


Driving in the car with Mary, we passed by a pasture with a horse in it.

Mary: Wow! Did you see that horse?

Me: You know, my granny rode a horse to school everyday.

Mary: WHAT?!?! I never get to ride a horse to school!

Me: Well, you have a car. When my granny was a little girl like you, she didn't have a car.

Mary: She should have gone to the car store.

Me: There weren't any car stores, honey. Nobody had cars. That's why she rode a horse.

Mary: Can we get rid of our car so I can ride a horse?

Me: No.

Mary: Ugh. That's so unfair.

Someday I'll tell her how my granny used to pick cotton. Somehow I don't think she'll have the same response...

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