Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Love...

...brightly colored smiley face cookies that are as big as my 6 year old's face.

...when, after several weeks of trying, friends are finally able to get together to celebrate and catch up with each others lives.

...starting a new book and finding that I cannot put it down because it's so compelling.

...watching my 11 year old son wrestle the dog.

...the bright smell of oranges and how it permeates the lunchroom when a student peels one during lunch.

...the satisfying crunching sound as I walk through leaves on the ground. If the leaves are so deep they bury my feet up to my ankles I am really happy. If I can send them flying skyward as I walk I get stupidly happy.

...the satisfaction I get from crossing a job off a list. Even if the list is as long as my arm and I know that I'll never finish, just crossing something off feels like a small accomplishment.

...hearing my kids yell "Daddy!!" from different locations around the house when my husband walks in after a trip.

...talking with my brothers on the phone. It doesn't happen very often, but it makes me feel happy and connected.

...watching the dog's eyes widen in anticipation when I hold my hand claw-like in front of her and say in an evil voice "You can't. Escape. The CLAW!!" Then watching her leap as I bring the "claw" toward her.

... the crazy-dog play time that comes about after a round or two of "The Claw."

...the coolness of my pillow and the softness of my bed when I first lay down at night.

What do you love?

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