Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ten Percent

You remember my Life List? Well, I have been steadily working my way through number 17--taste 100 different labels of wine. I hit(? drank? slogged through? quaffed?) my 10th wine, meaning I have finished 10% of the total for that particular item.

Meet #10: Oliver Camelot Mead.

It has not been my favorite, by any means, as it leans toward the very sweet. It is, after all, made with honey, so yeah, there's some sweet. But I felt I would be remiss if I only stuck to Pinot Grigio, which as you shall see, I have leaned heavily toward this summer. (Hey! It's summer! I like a nice light wine in the summer. But don't you worry. Fall is coming. Reds are on their way!) I am trying (okay, I'm going to start trying) very hard to get out of my comfort zone and try some different wines.

The problem comes when I don't particularly care for the bottle and I've only had one glass. What do I do with all that's left? Any ideas? (Because I have a feeling that I'm going to need some for what's left of this mead. Just sayin'.)
A run down of the labels 1-10:
1. Gabbiano Pinot Grigio (Um, YUM!)
2. Three Blind Moose Pinot Grigio (Easily a go-to wine)
3. Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio (Light, but a little bitter to my taste)
4. Crane Lake Pinot Grigio (Nice)5. Rex Goliath Pinot Grigio (Also good)
6. Pacific Rim Pinot Grigio (Not bad for a screw top!)
7. Oliver Mango Honey Wine (Thank goodness I had a friend to help me with this one. I let her have her share and mine too.)
8. Lagaria Pinot Grigio (I don't remember this one. And no, it's not because I drank too much of it! I've just forgotten it. Shut up.)
9. Kendal Jackson Chardonnay (Like buttah, baybee)
10. Oliver Camelot Mead (Any ideas for leftover mead?)

100 different labels seems awfully ambitious right now.Okay, my friends, it's your turn. Help a girl out. Any suggestions for bottle 11? Or 12? Or 13?

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