Monday, September 6, 2010

It Was An Egg-stra Special Weekend

Maggie's science class is doing an egg drop. Each student must design a package that will allow an egg to be dropped from 20.3 feet and survive the fall without cracking or breaking. Then she has to write a paper documenting her data and procedures.

Guess what I got to help work on this weekend? To be fair, all I really did was hot glue straws inside a tissue box because I thought it might be important for my firstborn to retain her fingerprints. It's not so important for me--I've already burned half of mine off in previous hot glue gun incidents. I could totally commit a crime and leave no fingerprint evidence. But I digress...

Maggie came up with the design--including using the rather ingenious idea of cushioning the egg between two rolls of streamers.

(The students were given a list of materials that they were not allowed to use, including: cotton balls, bubble wrap, Nerf balls, marshmallows or peanut butter. Really peanut butter? Someone has a much more creative mind than I.)

After putting the box together

we headed outside to have Patrick launch it from the roof.

Okay, from a ladder. I cannot quibble. This picture gives me the heebie-jeebies. I cannot tell you how many times I said "be careful, don't fall" while he was up on that ladder.

It fell.

And then Maggie and I went inside to take the package apart and see how the egg fared.


Okay, so I didn't get my house completely clean over the weekend. But at least now I know how to safely package an egg.

Also, why didn't I get to do fun stuff like this in science? Lucky kids. They don't know how good they have it.

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