Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Toadally Awesome

The kids discovered toads in our window wells. Edited to add: I have since been informed by a couple of people that what we have are frogs, not toads. Huh. I always thought frogs needed to be very near water. Given that our window wells are not near water (not any longer, anyway, since we moved in and cleaned up the nasty basement) I assumed that they were toads. And we all know what happens when you assume, right? Anyway, thanks to Jon and Amy for their frog knowledge. Henceforth, everywhere you see "toad" in this post, substitute "frog." Thanks!

The decision was made that they must be rescued. The boys climbed down into the window wells. Mary gave direction from above. I stood by, camera at the ready, to capture my boys capturing toads.

James and Sean cornered two toads in the first window well and got the cup ready.

As the boys moved the cup closer to one of the toads, the toads refused to be caught and started jumping every which way.

And then my two strapping football player boys started shrieking like girls.

And then my girl started shrieking like a girl.And then I almost wet my pants laughing at all of them.

They were able to capture--finally!--all the toads. There were five of them total in the three window wells. They were removed one cup at a time to the safety of the shrubbery.

Now, everyday, someone makes a run to the basement to see if there are any toads to be rescued. So far, there haven't been any. I'm thinking that any toad within a five mile radius heard all the ruckus and decided to save itself the trouble of being rescued and hopped off to quieter climes.

At least that's what I hope happened. I hope we didn't deliver the toads into the waiting mouth of a snake or bird. I don't really want to have to explain the beauty of the "Circle of Life" to Mary. That's not in my parental contract.

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