Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Picture Of Bliss

To the average eye, this is just a doorknob. But to the eye that belongs to the owner of an evil genius/dumb dog (I know, I know. How can she be both genius and dumb at the same time? Answer: I do not know, but somehow, and to my great consternation, she has managed this.) this is a sanity saver.

After running after the dumb dog who managed to escape THREE TIMES in one day and listening to me mutter Not Very Nice Things about the dumb dog, my beloved took five minutes and switched doorknobs on our mudroom door.

And instead of asking my beloved why it took him so very long to get to this task, I puckered up and kissed him and said "thank you" without even a hint of snarkiness. We have since had a week of blissful rest from any Houdini-esque escape attempts by the dumb dog.

To sum up:
1 switched doorknob--free.
Time to switch doorknob--5 minutes.
Watching dumb dog attempt to turn a round door knob--priceless.

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