Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

After a wonderful week looking at this fabulous scenery Pike's Peak . Photo taken from our drive up the Pike's Peak highway with a Canon Rebel xti. Wet pants not included.

we are home again. Laundry awaits. The mudroom organization beckons. There are things to do. But fear not! I shall be posting pictures (ahhh, the web version of someone's vacation slides!) and filling you in on our trip. It was a good one. We are glad, however, to be home again in our own house--moth free!--in our own beds, and in our nice, thick, humid air. (Okay, maybe I'm sorta joking about the humidity. Although I did miss seeing my curly-haired children's hair being, you know, curly. It was just kind of wavy in all that dry air.) We have all retreated to separate corners and are enjoying a little "alone time" after so much family time this week. Family love and fun only goes so far, you know.

Stay tuned. Pictures and tales to follow.

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