Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back In The Nest And Flying The Coop

All of my little birds are back home. Patrick and I went to pick up my children and they all looked like they had grown three inches in the last seven days. As we got out of the car we were met with cries of "mommy!" and "daddy!" and very exuberant hugs. It was awesome.

My mother complimented them on their behavior for the week and said that she and my dad had had a great time with them. Then, when we got all settled in the car and took off for home, they all told on each other. Ahhh, sibling love.

It was fun to hear them singing the songs from VBS and listen to them tell of the mission for the week and how it touched them. Then there was a little bit of ragging on James because he had a couple of girls who had eyes for him and he kinda sorta had eyes for one of them too. And then, because a good time in our family can never be just a good time, someone took a joke too far and there was some bickering and a slap or two exchanged. I may or may not have said that I was over my joy of seeing them again.

We arrived back home and the kids tore upstairs to see the work that Patrick and I had done. We finally finished Mary's room (started right after Christmas). We're not fast, but we do good work. That's worth something, right? (Hint: Say yes.) So we got her moved in, and got her old room painted for James and got him moved into his new room and then got Sean's furniture rearranged in his room that had suddenly gained area after losing an extra bed and two dressers.

All of this just in time for everyone to spend one night so that we can fly the coop. We are headed to parts west so that my children can lay eyes on mountains for the first time in their lives. It should be a good time. It will most certainly be less humid, which is worth the price of spending lots of money to be cooped up in a flying metal petri dish tube, having peanuts flung at me by surly flight attendants, and being asked 7,853 times if we are there yet.

So! I will be busy next week engaging in vacationy, family type things and will not really be taking time to post here. However! I will be here when we get back with pictures--OH! the pictures you'll see! There will be pictures of the kids' rooms, there will be pictures of children on mountains, there will be pictures of me trying not to pee my pants whilst standing atop great heights. Okay, maybe not that last one. I do, after all, have a wee bit of dignity. Maybe.

Have a great week. If I'm not back in a week or so, well, then maybe my husband got his wish and we'll be holed up in a mountain cabin, living off the land.

BWAHAHAHAHA!! Yeah, right. I'll be back. Trust me.

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