Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here I Am With My Lysol

If you guessed that I am typing this from the library again, you are correct. I know that I make my library sound nasty but it's really a beautiful facility. It is always very clean and neat and the staff is helpful. (Sounds like I'm writing on a hotel comment card doesn't it?) But, germophobe that I am, I still get kinda squicked out typing on keyboards that LOTS of other people have used. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am certain that if you cleaned my home keyboard it would be full of noseeums and nasty viruses, but they are the noseeums and viruses of my beloveds, not random strangers. That makes all the difference you know. Look, I know that doesn't make any sense, but I won't ridicule your neuroses if you don't ridicule mine.

Anyway, apparently my computer and sewing machine have been whispering to each other and now they both hate me. They are the spawn of the devil and they are trying to inflict their evil upon me. So here I am, trying to get this written before my time on the computer expires.

What's that? It's ironic you say? Oh, yes. Now I see. Given that my last post was about procrastinating and I was all "Hey I work great under a deadline! Give me a deadline and watch me be creative and productive!" So now I have a deadline. And the creativity?

Bwahahaha! Theory exploded!!

So. Let's see. Some of you dear readers have asked me whether or not James did indeed have strep. Apparently I had a cliffhanger in that post. Sorry. Didn't mean to leave you hanging. I was just so excited about my little 6 degrees of separation thing with the doctor that it must have slipped my mind. So the answer is, yes. Yes he did have strep. They put him on a stronger antibiotic and hopefully it will completely go away this time.

Hmmm. What else? Oh! Sean had a music program Wednesday night and it was all about pirate songs. Have you ever seen a bunch of second graders dressed up all piratey? Well, besides Halloween? It was so stinkin' cute. And Seannie boy blushed to the roots of his curly hair when it was his turn to step up to the microphone and sing. I just love it. The best part is, I took my Flip and recorded it, so now I have blackmail material. Bonus!

And today, well, I spent today cleaning the Pit of Despair that was my house. Only I didn't even get it all done. I only did the main floor. But it is spotless. Or at least it was. Then my children came home and now I am here, so who knows what it will look like when I return? I am hoping to start on the upstairs after work tomorrow and finish Saturday so that when my husband comes home on Sunday, he'll come home to a clean house. Friends, you do not want to see the upstairs of my house right now. I have just shut all the doors so I don't have to look at any of the mess. Well, I also shut the doors to keep the dumb dog from chewing up Barbies and blankets and anything else she can put in her slobbery mouth. Seriously. My upstairs is positively gross. And my children? They don't know it yet, but their Saturday is booked solid. For their sakes I hope it's not nice out.

I fully expect for us to all be cranky and sullen on Saturday night. In fact, I think after I leave the library, I'll just run by the store and get some wine so that I'll have a little something to look forward to when all the whining starts.

And if you wouldn't mind, say a little prayer for my husband. He has been at a business meeting for most of the week. The meeting culminates in a ski weekend. I know. Poor baby. I waver between being a little annoyed with his whole 'I think it would be a good idea if I stayed to ski this time. You know, politically. The boss will be there.' and being terrified that he is going to ski into something. He hasn't been skiing since he was in his twenties. He's a long way from his twenties now, if you know what I'm sayin'. I predict that at the very least, he will come home sore from discovering muscles he hasn't used in a long time and that he will need to rest. Whereas if it were me, I would be on duty the minute I walked in the door.

Sigh. Bitter much, Sara?

Okay. So there it is. My least-creative-under-a-deadline-post EVER. Sorry. I totally jinxed myself. Oh well. At least it wasn't a grocery list.

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