Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Blogiversary To Me

Saturday was my blogiversary. Spell check does not like that word. But I assure you, it is one. Albeit one of the made up kind. Still, it exists. All this is to say that I have officially been blogging for a year. There are no prizes or awards for this accomplishment. Millions of people blog. But I'm proud that I've claimed my little corner of the Internet and kept at it. Unfortunately, I will not be blogging any longer.


Of course I'll keep blogging. Blogging and the occasional vat glass of wine are sometimes the only thing keeping me sane. No, the unfortunate thing is that I had a blogiversary and there was no cake involved. What kind of sham occasion is this anyway? I think whoever made up the word should also have made it obligatory to have cake if you are going to use the word.

No, there was no cake. But there was family movie night. Family movie night used to be a weekly occurrence. Every Saturday night after dinner, the kids would get their baths, put on jammies, grab blankets and pillows, and head to the family room where we would enjoy a movie with popcorn and soft drinks. We would take a little break from movie night during the summer when we were outside until well after 9 p.m., but it remained a tradition during the school year. But then, despite my best efforts and bricks placed on heads, my children grew. And with the growing came activities like sleepovers, night time birthday parties, and going to the movies with a group of friends. Since moving into this house a year and a half ago, movie night has been a fairly rare occurrence. There have been too many things to do. Finding us all together on a Saturday night almost never happens. But this weekend, the stars aligned; not only were all my chicks in the nest, they were all in agreement about having a movie night. (I don't think I can stress enough how unusual it is to have everyone in agreement around here.)

After a hastily consumed dinner of frozen pizza (obviously we didn't consume it frozen. duh!) the children raced upstairs to get baths and showers while I cleaned up the kitchen and popped popcorn. When they came back downstairs with damp heads and smelling yummy, we all got comfortable and watched "Where the Wild Things Are." Here's my mini-review: not only was it a beautiful film to watch--the cinematography was fabulous-- it was a great story. I know there's been controversy over this film, but we give it a unanimous "thumbs up." Wow, agreement again! I should buy a lottery ticket.

So there was no cake and no singing of "Happy Blogiversary to you". So what? I'll take a long overdue family movie night in its place any time. All in all, a very good way to celebrate, don't you agree?

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