Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brain Freeze

I don't know why I have ice cream on my mind so much lately. I'm not usually that into it. But lately I have just been craving it and we've had it around the house more than usual. I suppose having celebrated a family birthday recently in which ice cream was consumed was the spark that fueled the flame. I am hoping that by making a list of that which tempts me, I will be able to stay away from it. Hmmm....maybe I should include the calorie count next to each.


And so, without further ado, (drum roll please...)

Sara's Top Ten Ice Cream Flavors.
10. Vanilla
9. Strawberry
8. Heavenly Hash
7. Turtle Heaven
6. Pralines'n'Cream
5. Cashew Crunch
4. Moose Tracks
3. Chocolate
2. Peanut Butter Cup
And the all-time-favorite-you-can-offer-it-to-me-any-time-and-I-won't-refuse-it flavor is...

1. Mint Chocolate Chip (Also known in our family as Frango Mint.)

Okay. Just typing that I feel better. It's almost as if I've sampled each just by seeing them in print and thinking about them.

Not really. But shucks if I'm not tryin'!

How about you? What is your all time favorite flavor of ice cream? Do tell!

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