Monday, October 5, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Unfortunately, there is no winner. I had only 6 people guess, which is fine, but that right there narrowed down any possibility that someone would guess correctly. I'm thinking that I might have scared people off by telling them about my mishap. (Note to self: next time you want to tempt people into entering a contest to win something you've baked, you may not want to include your baking failures in the post...)

Anyway! Wouldja like to know what happened? Wouldja like to know what the winning commenter (if there had been one) would have had to guess? I sure hope so, because otherwise this is going to be one short post.

Okay. I was racing against time to get everything packed up. My inability to follow directions was hampering my efforts, because, you know, it takes time to cook several batches of cupcakes. I finally got them baked, put in jars, frosted, sprinkled, and packed up and then raced off to the UPS store to mail them. It was a Saturday afternoon, so I couldn't go to the post office. The UPS store is about a mile from my house, so I put the box of cupcakes in my van, and headed over. I might have even driven a teensy bit over the speed limit so I could get to the store before it closed at 5.

Are you guessing what happened now? Have you figured it out? (Does this remind you of Encyclopedia Brown stories?)

I jumped in the car at 4:15, thinking that I was doing well. But as I pulled up, I realized that they had the security gates down over the counter inside the store. Yes, my friends, I was 15 minutes too late. The store closed at 4.

Do you think that I took 2 minutes to get online and check store hours? No. No, I did not. Because that would have been too easy and as you might have gathered in my previous post, I'm not all about easy. Or smart. I'm not too much about that either.

So it seems that after baking 3 batches of cupcakes and really rushing to get the last batch done so I could get them sent so they would be on time, it really made no difference because I am too stupid to live. GAH!!

The good news is, that my dear husband sent them on Monday morning, and my mother got them in time to celebrate her birthday the next day anyway.

I'm sure there is a moral to this story. There must be some sort of lesson to be learned, but I'm too tired to figure it out. If y'all have any insights, feel free to share them!

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