Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Crafty, A Lotta Spray Paint

I've been busy with a new craft project lately. I learned how to make coasters from napkins and tile. (Hey, that sounded kinda MacGyver-ish. Someday I will blog the story of how I learned to start my car using a paper clip. For real--I did!) I've made a few sets so far. Some for me and others for hostess and teacher gifts. This is what I've made so far:

The sets on the bottom are for me. The polka dot set is for my mom. It's a cheap inexpensive project and I think the results are pretty nice. I just found some really cute napkins at Tuesday Morning so I will be making more in the very near future.

I have also been having a love affair with Goodwill and spray paint. So far I've found frames and made 2 bulletin boards--one small for under the cabinets in the planning desk area of the kitchen(here's the before and after of the small bulletin board) and a larger one for near the pantry. I've also refurbished some tins that I had and will use them in my pantry. And then, I found a tray that I just love. When I found it--and I should have taken a before picture--it was Kelly green. Just no. So my beloved spray paint and I painted it black.

Then, I found a chair for Maggie's room that will hopefully someday be paired with a desk. We are going to paint it "wild" to match in her room. The picture frame has a date with some spray paint, then I have other plans for it. I'll post the after when it's done. The metal basket/planter thingy will be next in line for paint and it may be used in my pantry project. The little white towel rack will meet the spray paint as well. Then I think it will find a home in my laundry room.

Come back later as I'm posting again today for a combined Love Thursday/Photo Friday since I'll be unavailable to post over the Easter weekend.

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