Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Mr. Zebra: A Cautionary Tale with Pictures

Hello, Mr. Zebra. Prepare to die.

This man has been waiting many, many years to see you meet your grim fate. He is excited to see you come to your wretched end, Mr. Zebra.

See how this man is dancing a jig while he strings up Mr. Zebra? Oh, the joy!!

How's the view from up there, Mr. Zebra? Any last words? Perhaps a scream of terror before we release the beasts? No? Okay, then Mr. Zebra. You will now experience a bit of the pain you have inflicted on so many others in your career.

Yes, we are teaching our children to follow in a grand Easter tradition of beating an effigy senseless. Because nothing says "Happy Easter" like a dead Mr. Zebra.

The fatal blow.

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