Friday, March 13, 2009

My first post--now with extra wine-induced goodness!

So! I did it. Albeit, very late on this particular bandwagon, I have jumped on.

After fiddling with this idea for nearly a year I decided that it was time. Even if nobody else ever reads my posts other than me and my mother and possibly my dear friend Margie (Hi Margie!) that's okay. Because, you see, my main reason for doing this blogging thing is that I am horrible at journaling in the traditional "low-tech" way and am hoping to "save memories" of my children and our life so that someday in the future when aliens have taken over the world they will be able to see what life was like for a suburban mother of four. Because obviously, I am the only mommy-blogger out there on the internets. Wait, what?

Actually, I have no original motive. Like others who do this blogging business, I am doing it for many reasons, not the least of which is so that my children may someday see that I did indeed have an original thought or two in my head. Additionally, it might be good therapy for me to be able to rant and vent and get over myself (in a public forum! yippee!) in a way that feels natural to me. Hey, it's more acceptable than child abuse or binge drinking! In fact, I'm fairly certain that many of the petroglyphs discovered on cave walls were about things like children not picking up after themselves and what to fix for dinner. Also I need to get over my perfectionism and control-freakishness (What? It's totally a word!) and worry that everything I write must be fully formed in my head with stellar grammar and punctuation before it ever hits the page. Ha! See? I'm already forging ahead on that last one with this very post!!

So without belaboring an already belabored point: Here it is! My blog in all of it's little bloggy glory. **

**So much easier to write things when enjoying libations of the winey-sort!! Makes me not care so much about the perfection issues. Hmmm. Bet it makes this a terribly interesting post as well. Sorry, suckas!! I promise to do better on the next post. Really.

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