Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We Already Have A Dog. We Don't Need A (Big) Cat.

Break is coming soon. It's hard to be very excited. Unlike last year, when we had super mild--even hot--temperatures, this year temps are below normal. When the sun is out, you think that it's lovely outside. And then you step outside and it's 34 degrees. This causes an immense amount of suckitude. It feels more like November than March. And since we aren't traveling to someplace warm, like every other family in our town,* it's a little difficult to get enthusiastic about having a week off from school only to stay holed up in the house because the weather is stupid.

My kids are excited to be going to their grandparents' for the annual Easter egg hunt and The Bashing of the Pinata, but their excitement is subdued, because their cousins won't be there for the first time in well, ever. They are always happy to visit their grandparents, but they are a little less happy for only having their siblings to hang around with.

We've decided that because Easter falls at the beginning of Spring Break this year we would hang around another day for a day trip from my hometown. We are going to head to St. Louis for a day and play around. Aside from Maggie going to a rally at the convention center once, my kids have never been to St. Louis. This is weird, because it's only about 90 minutes from my hometown. We've just never thought to spend some time there with them. But now we are remedying the situation and taking a day to play in the Gateway to the West.

You know that after last year's Spring Break Planning Fiasco that this means I was on the computer checking things out and making sure that the places we want to go will be open while we are there. I mentioned to Mary, my animal lover, that we may head to the St. Louis Zoo. She was, of course, very excited by the prospect and asked to look at the website. I gladly handed over the seat at the computer and headed over to the stove to start dinner. Maggie and I were chatting while I was clattering around with pots and pans and shortly we heard Mary talking to herself.

"Ooh! Lions! They have lions! I love lions. Lions are my favorite! They're so majestic and their cubs are soooo cute! Wait. What? That doesn't make any sense!"

Maggie and I turned to look at the computer and Mary, still looking at the screen said to me, "Mom?Why would anybody want to adopt a lion? That doesn't make any sense at all. I don't think that's a very good idea! Adopting a lion? I don't get how you would make that work."

Maggie and I looked at each other with barely suppressed grins. "Darlin' that doesn't mean what you think it means," I responded. I then went on to explain how zoos used the word "adopt" when they were just talking about sharing in the care of the animal through financial donations. Mary nodded and said she now understood. Her eyes got very big and she said with great relief, "Whew! That's a much better idea than letting random people adopt lions from the zoo." Then she paused a beat and said somewhat wistfully, "But it would be pretty cool..."

Yeah, kid. I kinda feel the same way about otters.

*This is how my kids state it. Every other family in our town is going someplace warm while we are staying here. My answer is to state gleefully, "Think of how uncrowded the grocery store will be with everyone in our town out of town!" This is met with eye rolling and sullen stares. Mission accomplished! I win.

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