Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow? NO! Drums? Absolutely!

If you are reading this from somewhere in the Midwest, you are probably like me: looking out your window at an obscene amount of snow and dying a little inside because it's March 25th and SNOW isn't supposed to be on the radar. Sad panda!

If you are reading this from somewhere else and you are not like me and you are all "what is this thing called snow?" let me just say that you should keep your questions to yourself. The only dumb question is the one you just asked about snow. Or something.

Today, whether it's 75 and sunny where you live (boo! hiss!) or 25 and still snowing (really, I feel your pain), I hope that this video will make you smile the way it does me.

My daughter's 2nd grade field trip to Bongo Boy Music last week. The kids had an hour long drum circle and it was fabulous--full of pounding, unfettered joy. They offer a free family drum circle on Thursday evenings and let me tell you, we are going. I need some pounding, unfettered joy in my life.

Especially after all this snow.

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