Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Pretend This Happened Yesterday

Yes. Let's pretend this happened yesterday, instead of almost two months ago. I wasn't exactly on my game blogging-wise this summer. So let's just act like this is my back-to-school-what-I-did-over-my-summer-vacation essay. Mmmkay?

So. July 4th. Usually what happens is my family invades for a couple of days, bearing food and ready to celebrate our country's independence by blowin' thangs up. This year what happened was my family invaded for a couple of days bearing food and... a local burn ban. Meaning because of the dry conditions, it was illegal to blow thangs up. Super bummer. Many towns in the area even cancelled their fireworks displays because it was so dry. Our local display takes place over water, so it went on as planned. (We walked there. Late, natch. So we watched from a distance, got eaten by mosquitoes, and sweated off about 3 pounds each because it was 10 p.m. and still 94 degrees. Can't say it was everyone's favorite experience. Hopefully next year will be better.) But, man, as always, there was food.

I took some pictures, but my camera and I have grown apart a bit. I just didn't feel much like picking it up this summer. Kinda burned out. I hope to change that soon. So I took pictures, but my heart wasn't really in it so they aren't the best pictures ever, but they'll serve to document the occasion. Also, most of the pictures take places indoors because it was just too bloody hot to be outside in the middle of the day.

The Texas cousins arrived first and were immediately indoctrinated into the ways of Double Fine Happy Action Theater.

Setting off virtual fireworks. Not as great as the real thing, but at least it was air conditioned.

Even my Soopah Genius brother participated.
Posing for the camera on Double Fine Happy Action Theater.

Those are some of the saddest looking monsters ever. They posed much better later.
The Texas cousins got to have a virtual snowball fight. Almost as much fun as the real thing. 
Audrey did Maggie's makeup. Isn't it fabulous? Or something...

One good turn deserves another, so Maggie did Audrey's makeup.

Isn't it crazy how alike these cousins look?

Everyone says they got the nose from my dad.
Mike and Sean going for the fake nose pick.
And how about the family resemblance of my mom, myself and my sisters-in-law?

Given the resemblance, you'd never know they're only related by marriage. 
You know how they say that couples who've been together for a long time start to resemble each other? I have proof.

After almost 54 years of marriage, they are starting to look alike. 

My sister-in-law and my sweet nephew spent some quality time with some play-do and crayons.

I'm really glad that after cleaning out Mary's closet, we didn't donate the Little People zoo. It came in very handy for this visit. (Bonus: I convinced my SIL to take it home for him. One less trip to drop off stuff at Goodwill for me!)

Papa, Mike, and Sean had a good time drawing while everyone else watched the Olympic qualifying for the women's gymnastics.

The cousins played "tongues." It's like "spoons", but instead of grabbing a spoon, you stick out your tongue. It was hilarious to watch.

Mike celebrated his birthday with us again. And with pie. Mmm....pie...

And then, just as people were trying to leave, my mom said my brother's (Uncle Grumpy) favorite words: "I need pictures of the family!"

This is what you get when you pile 2 grandparents and 12 grandkids between the ages of 2 and 19 together on a couch and three people are trying to take pictures while shooing the dumb dog out of the room.

It may not go on a wall as a beautiful portrait, but it's pretty representative of our time together: chaotic and fun with a strong undercurrent of love.

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