Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It can't be possible that today you are 16. I know this because I myself am only 18. At least that's how old I feel in my brain. So there is this jarring sense of what I know is true-- I am 44, you are 16--and what I perceive-- I still feel young, so I can't possibly have a 16 year old.

Reality. She bites.

Today you are 16 and I am proud. I am proud of the young woman you are becoming: intelligent, compassionate, funny. I am grateful. I am grateful for things neither of us has control over: your beauty, your health, that God has your future in His hands. And I am blessed. I am blessed by our relationship: as you grow, I see it moving towards that bond that my own mother and I have; that of mother/daughter and also that of friend/friend.

If, through all the buzziness of my words that it seems I am continually throwing at you you glean anything, I want it to be this: No matter where you go, no matter how near, no matter how far, no matter what you do, I am your mama and you are my Peach and I will ALWAYS cheer for you and I will ALWAYS want what's best for you and I will ALWAYS love you. To infinity and beyond. Forever and ever. Period. The end.

You light up my life in ways I never knew possible, and for the incredible gift of being your mom, I thank God every day.

Happy birthday, Maggie!

P.S. You are my favorite Maggie.

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