Monday, January 2, 2012

Hi There.

Well helloooo there! I hope you all had wonderful holidays. We had a great time here at Chez Ganey. It was full of family and friends and feasting. And guess what I did yesterday for the New Year? If you guessed absolutely nothing, then you are the winner! I sat on my well-padded backside and read and played games with my kids and watched movies, only getting up to fix some grub for the family. It was wondrous.

Here it is, January 2nd and real life is back and staring me in the face. There's laundry to be done (well, isn't there always?) and groceries to be bought (and hopefully the list doesn't include cream cheese. I've eaten more than my share of cream cheese laden goodies this season.) and blogs to write. My mom asked me last week if I was going to get back to it. It's just, well, I don't really have anything to share (actually, I have one story and you'll get it tomorrow) because other than eat and open gifts and drink wine and run to the grocery for food that I only eat during the holiday season, I haven't been out of the house. It's been delightful. But for blogging purposes, that's not so great. And I've grown comfortable not sitting at the keyboard. I had to make myself get here today. And look at what you get to read because of it! Wow, are you ever lucky!

And now, because that laundry has proven time and time again that it just will not do itself, I shall stop. But, because you have stuck with me this far through this horrible post, I will share something with you: We took the kids bowling on Friday. It was fun, but I am the worst bowler on the planet. I scored a 46. There. Now you can go about your day feeling successful in some small way; if you and I bowled together, you would, without a doubt, beat me. Next time I'm getting gutter guards and I'm not ashamed to say it.

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