Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Could Have A Double Letter Triple Word Score Hanging On Your Tree

I promised that I'd be back with something much better than the last post. I hope this counts as better. Well, it involves Christmas, making stuff, and it's inexpensive, so I guess that's lots better than yesterday's post.

While sucked into the black hole that is Pinterest, I began searching for Christmas related things and found something that made me squee with delight. I repinned it but I think it originated with Martha Stewart.

Anyway! You know that I am a sucker for words and letters and typeface--well, maybe you didn't, but if you didn't, now you do. Perhaps you remember this little dealio that I made with Scrabble tiles? The idea I saw pinned was for Christmas ornaments using Scrabble tiles. The original post had Christmas-y words like "snow" and "joy", but I decided to do it with last names. See?

Don't tell, but this will be going in the teacher gift for my youngest two children. I mean, come on! Who doesn't like their own last name? Okay, maybe somebody with the last name of Butz or Pigg or Hogg. But then again, maybe they do. Family pride is a strong thing, you know.

It was easy enough. I just hot glued the tiles together and then hot glued the ribbon on the back. And I didn't even burn myself! Shazam! I happened to have LOTS of tiles, because when I was doing our family Scrabble tile craft, I shopped Goodwill and bought a couple of games just for the tiles. I think I paid about $4.oo for both games. I made about 10 of these last night in under an hour. And some of that time was picking hot glue boogers off of the tiles. So, it's quick, is what I'm sayin'.

That's my kind of craft: simple, cheap, and quick but looks great when you're done.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I'll have another ornament I want to show you. Hint: it involves glitter. Who doesn't love glitter? A cotton headed ninny muggins, that's who! (Name that movie!)

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