Thursday, February 3, 2011

Icemageddon: Day 3

Please send booze.

Wait. That's probably not a very good way to start this post is it? It is -150 degrees outside and the children don't have school again for the third day in a row. While we have maintained our power during the Ice Storm That Wasn't Really An Ice Storm, (Yes, 1978 Easter Ice Storm, you are officially the Supreme Champion) we have been sort of trapped inside for the last few days.

My neighborhood is an ice rink. Literally. My eldest daughter's friend spent the night last night and put on her ice skates and skated across the front lawns. And then she had the dumb dog pull her. It was pretty awesome. (Love you, Notorious B.!) It's not that we got inches and inches of ice, but we started with a covering of snow that was already sort of solid from melting and refreezing. Then we got a half inch of ice on Monday night. Tuesday we got about 3 inches of sleet and another half inch or so of ice. Then somewhere about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning the winds kicked up and we kept hearing ice crash against the house from the trees, but thanks to buried power lines, we had no issues. So when we got up yesterday, our yard was solid. Even driving our van down the driveway left no tracks.

(Note: Even a full fledged winter emergency cannot keep my beloved from getting a tea and Diet Coke from McD's. Yes. He loves me that much. And the tea. He loves the tea.)

The main roads are passable, but the neighborhoods are not in such great shape. (You know it's bad when the robocall that informs you that your children don't have school also begs you to please do what you can to clear the bus stops.) So we haven't really left the house.

My children, in between sleeping and arguing over who gets to control the t.v. and who I love the most because I took their side in an argument, have spent time playing some video games and asking to be fed yet again. In fact, they are, at this very moment, playing "Wipeout" on the wii. (You know, like the t.v. show with the big, red balls. Yeah. Can't wait to see the pervs that get sent here from google now.) I have done my best to stay as far away from them as possible. I mean, I love them and everything, but too much togetherness can lead to bad things.

Like me requesting booze from strangers on the Internet.

So to reassure you that we are all well and to keep CPS at bay, I will leave you with pictures of (most) of my offspring and other stuff from Icemageddon 2011.

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