Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gone, Baby, Gone.

We have lived in this not so old house for two and a half years. I think that's long enough to live with someone else's decorating choices, don't you?

It took four coats of Killz, but the big purple flower, the giant, evil smiling sun, and the weird doves painted on the dirty yellow-green paint in Maggie's room are now gone.

My beloved will paint the ceilings when he returns from his business/ski trip. (He tried really hard yesterday when he called to convince me that I could paint the ceilings. I have no doubt that I could paint them. But I'm not going to. Nope. That's his job. That's why God made him much taller than me.) Then Maggie's room will get a fresh coat of paint. Stay tuned.

Today, it's on to the smiling motorcycle guy

and the crazy mustachioed flying ace in Sean's room.

These are cute and worked well when we moved in when he was 6, but now? Well, he's over it. Wonder how many coats it will take to cover them? Oh and I won't be finished. There's also a fire truck and police car on one wall, but his 1,000 pound bunk bed is in the way and I will absolutely NOT be trying to wrangle that bed around. That wall will wait for my beloved to come home.

Tomorrow I'll move on to the orange circus tent striped kids' bath. No. That isn't an exaggeration. I'll post those pics later.

Meanwhile, anyone know the name of a good masseuse? I have a feeling I'm gonna need one.

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