Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving (Yep, So Very Behind These Days!)

Why helllooo there!  And how was your Thanksgiving? Are you coming out of your turkey coma? Or are you still dreaming of skinny dipping in the homemade noodles and gravy? No? Just me then? Okay...

Here at Chez Ganey, things have been rolling right along. We headed to Illinois to see family over the Thanksgiving holiday. We were only there for 48 hours, but man, we managed to cram all the good stuff in. We ate barbecued brisket sandwiches, played charades, ate turkey, played football, ate pie, played cards, ate turkey sandwiches, played with dogs, ate more pie, and had a baptism. Why no, they didn't need to roll me down the aisle at church, why do you ask?

As per tradition, we played a Turkeys vs. 'Taters football game. And as per tradition, I documented the game with my camera.

My boys and cousin Mike giving their best "scary" faces. I'm quaking. Aren't you?

My brother, Uncle Grumpy, with his No-shave November goatee and 'stache.

My sister-in-law, Mrs. Uncle Grumpy, and her sweet girls, my beautiful nieces.

My beloved, QB of the 'Taters: James, get right, Olivia, get left, Mike get by me, Kathy, get out of the way.

Don't remember if this pass connected, but I loved his face in this shot. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Uncle Grumpy told his son to go long. His son did not go long enough. Uncle Grumpy stayed grumpy.

My ultra-competitive sister-in-law tackling her ultra-competitive-apple-didn't-fall-far-from-the-tree daughter.

Not sure who won, the Turkeys or the 'Taters, but everyone had a good time and the adults all creaked and groaned later in the afternoon. 

Patrick and the kids and I shifted between my folks' home in our hometown, and Patrick's sister's home about 30 miles away so we could visit his mother and some of his other family. His mom isn't well and we've tried to spend as much time as we can when we are in town. Bonus: second Thanksgiving meal and one of Aunt Gigi's delicious homemade chocolate pies to take home! (The pie made the trip home but was gone the next day.)

On Friday, before heading back to Indy, my dad took Mary's confession of faith and Patrick baptized her. It was a very beautiful celebration and we are so blessed and proud of Mary.

My dad, taking Mary's confession of faith, and reminding Mary that Jesus is her boss now.

Before she descended into the baptistry, Mary was crying. She was afraid she would "mess up.'" I was crying too, but for entirely different reasons.

Dead to sin, raised to new life in Christ. Congratulations, Mary Rose!
After Mary's baptism, we headed back to my folks' house for a quick lunch before heading back to Indy. Once home, Patrick and I went to the home improvement store to get paint so that we could paint to family room.

We are insane. Who paints during the holidays? Hint: Insane people.

Stay tuned. Painting was not without it's problems. *Sigh*. Oh well, gives me something to blog about.

Also, if you need me? I'll be huddled over in that corner with booze and ice cream, muttering about paint colors.

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