Monday, May 30, 2011

We Drove, We Rocked Out, I Took Lots Of Pictures

My nephew, who was the ring-bearer in our wedding 20 years ago, was married over the weekend. He married a lovely girl who channeled Cinderella. Seriously. Her dress was straight-out Disney princess. They were married in Southeast Missouri on the lawn at the bride's parents' home on a lovely (but quite warm) evening.There was a piper. How can you not have a great time at a wedding where a piper is involved? And of course, there were the obligatory "A piper is dooown! A piper is dooown!" quotes. Awesome.

The groom.

The lovely bride.

The flower girls just about did me in.

Even the cat wanted in on the occasion. How great is that?(Fortunately, my mother was not in attendance, or she would have run screaming from her seat. She is quite seriously cat phobic.)

My niece who will be the bride in about three weeks...

...and her fiance, who, it seems, is just crazy enough to fit right in with our family.

The bride's grandfather. His picture should be in the dictionary next to "Southern Gentleman." He had a lovely Georgia accent. He is a retired OB-Gyn and he delivered Jessica, the bride. When he stood for his toast he said that the first time he met her, she mooned him. Love it. He went on to give a lovely toast about the well-matched couple.

My niece gave another lovely toast.

My kids looked great.

If this was my front yard, I'd be sitting out there all the time with a glass of wine. My children would have to lead me back into the house.

Mary--who will be flower girl in my niece's wedding. She was taking notes while the flower girls did their thing.

Sean--he looks like he could be a Kennedy, chillin' at The Compound.

My beloved and I. I had on a suit jacket and wore my hair down. About 3.5 seconds after the ceremony, the jacket came off and the hair clip came out.

You know it's a good time when the ladies ditch their shoes.

First dance.

Congratulations, Clark and Jessica! May this be the beginning of a wonderful journey.

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