Monday, October 10, 2011

Why The Comma Matters

Hey! I really am still among the living. I've just been busy. If posting is light this week, it's because my mommy is here visiting and we are out doing stuff. Posting was light last week because I was busy cleaning this hell hole house so that she doesn't see how we really live.

This little exchange happened last night and I roared with laughter.

Scene: My mother, James, and I were sitting on the couch having a conversation. Sean, who was supposed to be in bed, didn't really want to miss out on the fun and didn't really want to be in bed, came downstairs. He joined us for a minute and then I told him he needed to head back upstairs. He gave a few arguments, but then started up. He stopped on the middle of the steps and re-entered the conversation.

Me: Buddy, you need to go to bed.
Sean: I am!
James: Well, obviously you're not, because you are stopped there on the steps talking to us.
Sean: I'm going up the steps so obviously I am, stupid! (He begins walking up the steps again and gets nearly to the top.)
Me: (Jokingly) Obviously you're stupid? Don't talk that way about yourself!
Sean: I didn't say that! I said 'obviously I am (stammering)--THERE'S A COMMA THERE!'
Me, James, and My Mom: BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Ah, yes! Those commas are important. His teacher would be so proud. (And don't worry. He was laughing with us.)

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