Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photographic Evidence Proving That Insanity Is Familial

Remember last year's Fourth where we celebrated in mustachioed style? This year brought something new.

Elvis (Elvis' sister?) sighting!!!

Uncle Sam wants you. His redneck nephew wants you--to go away.

Grumpy redneck or grumpy redneck Amish guy?

I don't think rednecks drink Rolling Rock, do they?

Baby redneck in training.

He's got a big hat to fill. Heh heh heh.

And then there's the family luggage elf.

She came in quite handy. She's kinda cute too. And unlike her mother (Elvisina), she doesn't sport facial hair. Lucky girl.

And possibly the world's only grandfather/grandson piano playing duet that uses baby feet as a means of making music. I just have to say, that baby? He's a prodigy!

Oh, let's just call this post what it really is: future blackmail material.

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