Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Say What?

Last week at school, one of my students was talking to a friend in circle time. A little boy across from her was copying her words and actions. The little girl noticed and said to the little boy, "Please stop copying me!"

The little boy looked right at her and said, "I'm not copying you. I'm mocking you!"

Next week's lessons will focus on synonyms and splitting hairs. Ahem.


Scene: We are at the dinner table enjoying a family meal. Our eldest daughter is discussing homework for her CPR class. (No, not that CPR. This CPR stands for Creating Positive Relationships and deals with sexuality and, well, creating positive relationships. Yes, I've spoken many times with her about these things already. Yes, my husband stammers and stutters when she utters the letters CPR.)

Daughter: Do you want to know what my CPR homework is for tonight?

Husband--looking startled and worried: I'm afraid to guess!

Daughter: I have to talk about three rules I'll have when I start dating.

Immediately the husband and I launch into rules like You Don't Date Until You're 40, You Will Be Accompanied On Every Date By Your Father Who Will Be Accompanied By A Big Gun, Your Brothers Get To Choose Your Boyfriends.

After the talk settles down into a little more serious tone, I say something like, " Well one rule would be something like this: The young man--whomever he is--will always be introduced to us and he will pick you up at the door for each date. No sitting in the car honking the horn."

Older Son: How 'bout this rule? The guy can't take you to sad movies where you'll cry.

Younger Son (who is just 8, by the way): Yeah, because if he does, then when the sad parts come, he'll put his arms around you to "comfort" you. (He even made air quotes on the word comfort.)

We all cracked up. And then I pointed my finger at him and said, "Good thinking, kid. And by the way, YOU will never date--ever! Because if you are coming up with schemes like that at eight, I hate to see what you'll be thinking of at 16!"

Pray for me.

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