Friday, August 28, 2009

Photo Friday: Do You See It?

Last weekend, things cooled off considerably around here. And as the cold front came in, we were treated to a pretty awesome display of clouds. They were various shades of gray and blue and they were moving quickly and shifting around. I went outside to watch. Then decided to run back in and grab my camera and just take some shots to experiment with my camera settings.

Later that evening as I was looking through the pictures on my card, I noticed one that excited me. I quickly loaded my card onto the computer so I could get a better look. Then I called everyone in my family over and asked them what they saw. We all saw the same thing. Do you see it?

I didn't alter this picture in any way except to lighten the exposure just a little. What you see is what I shot. I think it's pretty cool. What do you think?

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