Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little Crafty: Coffee Table Transformation

I've been on the lookout for a table that I could make over into a bench. I had several spots where I could put it--foyer, kitchen, or mudroom--so that wasn't an issue and I figure we can always use extra seating around here. I wanted to find something that would seat at least two people and it couldn't cost an arm and a leg. I mean, we do seem to have many arms and legs around here, but they are all being used, so you know, nobody was really lining up to give up one of theirs for another of my projects.

After several weeks of looking, I went into Goodwill on a whim. You see, I've tried to cut back on the number of times I go in there in a week, because, well, it's not really saving money if I buy something Every. Single. Time. Plus, it's getting to that point in the summer where my plate is getting full with other things and when I have a project waiting for me, I tend to let other things *cough* laundry *cough* slide. Not good.

But! I just had a feeling about going in there. And it all paid off, because I found this coffee table for $20. It was solid wood, extra long--and with the leaves out, extraordinarily long--and very sturdy. I sat on it. My daughter sat on it with me. I tried to wobble it but couldn't. This sucker would've passed even my father's picky standards. So I snapped it up.

Then, rather than doing laundry to clothe my family, I put them in togas and told them they could go commando for a day while I got busy. I'm kidding. But not by much...

First, I needed to remove the hinges on the leaves. Do y'all have any idea how hard it is to take a picture with a DSLR camera and hold a drill? HAHAHAHA!! I forgot who was reading this. Of course you do!!

Then I had an offer I couldn't refuse. An extremely cute 4 year old decided that she would be my "screw picker" and take out the screws that I had just unscrewed. She works on the cheap, too. I paid her with a grape ice pop. Mmmm....

So now, the leaf could be removed.

And then the brace holding the leaf up could come off too.

See? All gone! Now it's just a regular ol' extra long coffee table. But not for much longer....

Sometimes when you're doing refinishing or repurposing projects you come upon little surprises. Sometimes they are pleasant, like money. Not that that particular surprise has ever happened to me... Sometimes they are not.
Ack!! Ewwww!! Spider egg sacs! Completely. Squicked. Out!

Whew! Here's the table-- end leaf and spider egg free and ready for sanding.

Next, well, um, I sanded it.

Then it got several coats of black spray paint. Pretty!

Here is where the tricky transformation occurs. Are you ready? You put foam on the table. Ooohh! Ahhh! See? Told you. Tricky.

Then I covered it in batting and stapled it. With much muttering and a few utterances of naughty words under my breath. This was where I decided that it was foolhardy to try and put the cotton duck covering on all by myself, so I called in some help. It sounded like this: "Oh honey?! Could you do me the weensiest, little favor? It won't take long and it's really easy!" To which my knight in shining armor ratty, old t-shirt responded, "Of course, my beloved bride. Anything for you." Shut up. This is my fantasy I'll write it any way I want to.

So my husband happily (mostly) helped me get the cotton duck stapled on. Then, the bench was declared good, and lo, there was much resting of booties.

This pretty bench is sitting in my kitchen. I realize the corners aren't perfect but our staples were too short. I have plans on fixing them. But even so, I think it's lovely. And I have told my offspring not to sit upon it or touch it. At least until I can get some Scotchguard on it. Then they can put their grubby little bodies on it and mess up all my hard work. *Sigh.* It may get moved to a different location someday if I find the right dresser or cabinet to go in this spot. But for now, I love it. And it's not perfect, but neither am I, so that works out well.

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