Saturday, March 28, 2009

Love Thursday Update! Letter Translation

Through the gracious work of a friend, I was able to get the letters from Mary's Christmas Box friend translated. (Thanks Lenee!) I am only posting the translation of one, as the other is very similar, but I tell you, this left me a wee bit teary.

'Hello Mary!
How's your family? Me, I am doing well here in Burkina Faso. It's a peaceful country of men with integrity. Here, we don't know war. One has lots of activities like SIAO, Frespaco, Faso Tour, etc. I am Christian and I love Jesus because he's our savior. I have 2 sisters and myself. I love my father and my mother. I like to read, write and draw. I like to eat cookies and chocolate like you, too. I work well in class because I want to help my poor parents later. I invite you to Burkina Faso to participate in the next SIAO which is a big festival/holiday for us. I am very happy with your gift and I want that we always stay sisters in Christ. I am 9 years old and you are 4 years old. I have your picture, you are very pretty. I would like to send my picture, but the ways don't permit me to. I will save some money to take a picture and send to you if God wills it. I leave you on this, Mary. Take care."

I am hoping to continue the correspondance with this young lady and she has already entered our daily prayers. Maybe someday we'll meet. You just never know what God will do, do you?

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