Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love is blind(s)

Our home, which we bought last fall, was a foreclosed property that had been vacant for almost two years. There are a number of things that need repair. Most of the major problems have been fixed, leaving small but annoying items on our To Do List. One of these items is replacing our blinds. They are the large, slatted kind, which we like, and they are installed in nearly every window of the house. The problem is, that almost every set has one or more broken slats so we'll need to replace almost all of them. As they still give us privacy for the most part, we haven't undertaken replacing them yet, conserving our energies and funds for more important and pressing needs like plumbing, flooring and getting rid of mold.

The window next to my husband's side of the bed has a conveniently placed broken slat that allows him to lie on the bed and still see outside to the front of our house where he can "keep watch" and feed his paranoia. (Don't get me started on this...) So as we were lying in bed last night talking over the events of the day, he rolled over to put his glasses on the bedside table and looked out the window through the peephole left by the broken slat. He turned back to me and said in all sincerity, "I'm sure going to miss having my little lookout spot when we replace the blinds. I won't be able to just peek out and see if anyone is coming to break in. I'll have to break one of slats on the new blinds."

I looked at him and shook my head. "Or you could just, you know, raise the blinds an inch so you could see out. Like regular people."

After we finished laughing I told him, "Yep. I'm totally blogging this!" He's so lucky to be married to me...

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